Top 20 K-Movie Stars Rankings for December, 2023

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Top 20 December Korean Movie Stars

Top 20 K-Movie Stars Brand Reputation Rankings for December, 2023

Top 20 December Korean Movie Stars
Top 20 December Korean Movie Stars

The latest brand reputation rankings for Korean movie stars in December 2023 have been released! Topping the list are Jung Woo Sung, Kim Hye Soo, and Hwang Jung Min in that order.

These rankings are derived from comprehensive big data analysis, taking into account factors such as participation value, community value, media presence, and social impact. Let’s delve into the specific details of each star’s individual index below ⬇️.

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Top 10 December Korean Movie Stars Rankings

① Jung Woo-Sung

Jung Woo Seong
Jung Woo Seong
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Brand Reputation Index9,330,219
Brand Participtation Index2,330,354
Communication Index2,114,222
Community Index2,879,288
Media Index2,006,355

② Kim Hye-Soo

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Brand Reputation Index8,882,435
Brand Participtation Index1,384,842
Communication Index2,337,915
Community Index3,259,886
Media Index1,899,792

③ Hwang Jung-Min

Hwang Jung-Min
Hwang Jung-Min
Brand Reputation Index7,494,228
Brand Participtation Index1,487,345
Communication Index1,347,927
Community Index2,762,280
Media Index1,896,675

④ Go Yun-Jeong

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Brand Reputation Index6,118,228
Brand Participtation Index1,250,205
Communication Index1,077,978
Community Index2,260,112
Media Index1,529,933

⑤ Lee Byung-Hun

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Brand Reputation Index5,228,233
Brand Participtation Index1,085,931
Communication Index1,082,078
Community Index1,733,186
Media Index1,327,038

⑥ Go Min-Si

Go Minsi
Go Minsi
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index5,029,028
Brand Participtation Index1,067,483
Communication Index947,957
Community Index1,667,506
Media Index1,346,083

⑦ Park Bo-Young

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Brand Reputation Index4,551,018
Brand Participtation Index1,017,287
Communication Index915,646
Community Index1,312,152
Media Index1,305,933

⑧ Yim Si-Wan

Yim Si-Wan
Yim Si-Wan
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index4,010,540
Brand Participtation Index999,460
Communication Index913,779
Community Index1,192,085
Media Index905,216

⑨ Zo In-Sung

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Brand Reputation Index3,980,076
Brand Participtation Index677,409
Communication Index661,528
Community Index1,705,679
Media Index935,461

⑩ Lee Sung-Min

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Brand Reputation Index3,846,415
Brand Participtation Index760,913
Communication Index693,534
Community Index1,404,356
Media Index987,613

Top 11 ~ 20 K-Movie SraR Rankings

  • 11) Lee Jeong-Jae
  • 12) Jeong Hae-In
  • 13) Park Seo-Jun
  • 14) Han Hyo-Ju
  • 15) Yoo Ji-Tae
  • 16) Lim Soo-Jung
  • 17) Lee Young-Ae
  • 18) Nam Ju-Hyuk
  • 19) Lee Jin-Wook
  • 20) Song Joong-Ki

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