Single’s Inferno Seaseon 3 (Who Are The Final Couples?)

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Solo's Inferno Final Couples

Single’s Inferno Seaseon 3 (Who Are The Final Couples?)

The explosive conclusion of ‘Singles Inferno Season 3‘ on January 9th showcased the emergence of four enduring couples are “Lee Kwan-hee and Choi Hye-sun, Choi Min-woo and Yoo Si-eun, Park Min-gyu and Kim Kyu-ri, and Lee Jin-seok and Ahn Min-young”.

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During a crucial moment, Lee Kwan Hee chose Choi Hye Sun over Yoon Ha Jung and Jo Min Ji. His emotional reasoning behind this decision vividly conveyed the depth of their relationship: “The heartfelt conversations that resonated deeply within us, those rare moments of genuine connection with Hye-sun, are what linger in my memory.

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