Seojin’s Kitchen New Teaser Poster Unveiled! [February 24th First Episode Open]

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Seojin's Kitchen Poster

Seojin's Kitchen Poster
Seojin’s Kitchen Poster

Seojin’s Kitchen New Teaser Poster Unveiled!

A new poster and teaser for tvN’s variety show ‘Genie’s Kitchen’ has been released. The newly unveiled poster is like a resturant’s menu board. The different colors of the masking tape suggest each employee’s position within the restaurant.

Seojin's Kitchenㅣtvn Official Instagram
Seojin’s Kitchenㅣtvn Official Instagram

Seojin’s Kitchen

  • Lee Seon Jin
  • Jung Yu Mi
  • Park Seo Joon
  • Choi Woo Shik
  • V (BTS)

“Seojin’s Kitchen” is a spin-off series of the popular reality show “Yun’s Kitchen”. It introduces a new restaurant run by Lee Seo Jin, who was promoted from the director of Yun’s Kitchen to the chef of the new restaurant.

By Seojin's Kitchen teaser
By Seojin’s Kitchen teaser

Seojin’s Kitchen Menu

While Yoon Yuh Jung’s previous restaurants (Yun’s Kitchen) focused on famous foods that represent Korea such as bulgogi and bibimbap, ‘Seojin’s Kitchen focuses on street food, which is ‘Korean fast food’. Korean fast food is easy to accessible meny to the customer. The new poster is uneviled.

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