[BRAND PRADA] Korean Artist As A ‘PRADA’s AMBASSADOR’ (+ K-pop, K-drama Star)

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Mario Prada founded Prada S.p.A in Milan in 1913, and it is now a well-known Italian luxury fashion brand. Mario Prada did not feel women should be in business, thus he prohibited female family members from joining his company.


Prada Offcial Site
Prada Offcial Site

Prada, known for its skill in leather purses, travel accessories, shoes, ready-to-wear, and other fashion goods, broadens its brand reach through licensing partnerships with Luxottica for eyeglasses and L’Oréal for perfumes and cosmetics.

Check out the list of all K-pop artists and Korean actors & actresses who are PRADA Ambassadors below.

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PRADA K-pop GLOBAL Ambassador

jae Hyun [NCT]

Jae Hyun is SM Entertainment, NCT and Sub unit NCT 127’s member. He has been designated as Prada’s fashion global ambassador, since June 2022.

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Jeon So-Mi

Jeon So-Mi is Prada’s global ambassador. Since October, 2022 she is designated as PRADA’s brand ambassador from October, Fine Jewerly and fashion category.

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PRADA K-pop Local Ambassador

Song Kang [Korean Actor]

Song Kang is PRADA’s brand ambassador since June of 2021. He has been designated as PRADA’s Korea local fashion ambassador.

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ENHYPEN is the local ambassador for PRADA Korea. Since June of 2023, they have been named PRADA’s brand ambassador. They were appointed fashion ambassadors for PRADA.

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Prada Kpop Ambassador QnA

Is Prada from Italy or France?

Prada Brand is from Italy. It’s an Italian Luxury Fashion House.

Who is Prada owned by?

Prada Holding is owned and managed by the Prada family.

Is Prada really made in Italy?

The majority of its production locations are in Italy, while some may be in other European nations such as the United Kingdom and Romania.