Top 20 K-Variety star Brand Reputation Rankings for December, 2023

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Top 20 K-Variety star 202312

The South Korean variety star rankings for December 2023 have been unveiled, with Tak Jae-Hoon, Yu Jae Seok, and Shin Dong-Yup leading the list.

The brand reputation rankings are based on the analysis of big data, encompassing participation value, community value, media value, and social value. Let’s delve into the specifics of the Korean Variety Star index below🔽.

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Top 10 K-Variety Star Rankings

① Tak Jae-Hoon

Tak Jae-hoon
Tak Jae-hoon [Namuwiki Official Site]
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index1,574,295
Brand Participtation Index191,044
Communication Index461,620
Community Index525,605
Media Index396,027

② Yu Jae-Seok

Yu Jae Seok
Yu Jae Seok [Namuwiki Official Site]
Brand Reputation Index1,476,433
Brand Participtation Index285,516
Communication Index350,571
Community Index519,319
Media Index321,027

③ Shin Dong-Yup

Shin-Dong-Yup [Namuwiki Official Site]
Brand Reputation Index1,466,274
Brand Participtation Index109,695
Communication Index530,398
Community Index647,351
Media Index178,829

④ lee Kyung-kyu

lee-kyung-kyu [Namuwiki Official Site]
👉 Youtube Here
Brand Reputation Index1,118,045
Brand Participtation Index146,474
Communication Index429,592
Community Index432,652
Media Index109,328

⑤ seo jang-hoon

seo-janghoon [Namuwiki Official Site]
Brand Reputation Index1,098,685
Brand Participtation Index119,484
Communication Index337,041
Community Index408,858
Media Index233,303

⑥ ahn jung-hwan

Ahn-jung-hwan [Namuwiki Official Site]
👉 Youtube Here
Brand Reputation Index1,077,748
Brand Participtation Index135,453
Communication Index340,117
Community Index429,957
Media Index172,221

⑦ kang ho-dong

kang-hodong [Namuwiki Official Site]
Brand Reputation Index1,054,356
Brand Participtation Index86,829
Communication Index385,634
Community Index432,831
Media Index149,062

⑧ jeon hyun-moo

Jeon Hyun-moo
Jeon Hyun-moo [Namuwiki Official Site]
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index1,046,425
Brand Participtation Index127,061
Communication Index302,118
Community Index368,962
Media Index248,284

⑨ park myung-soo

park-myung-soo [Namuwiki Official Site]
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index979,683
Brand Participtation Index67,140
Communication Index356,805
Community Index434,172
Media Index121,567

⑩ kim jong-kook

kim-jong-kook [Namuwiki Official Site]
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index855,154
Brand Participtation Index118,903
Communication Index257,434
Community Index324,604
Media Index154,214

Top k-Variety star 11 ~ 20 Rankings

  • 11) Lee Sang-Min
  • 12) Kim Jun-Ho
  • 13) Kim Gu-Ra
  • 14) Kim Jong-Min
  • 15) Park Na-Rae
  • 16) Song Ji-Hyo
  • 17) Jang Do-Yeon
  • 18) Yoon Hyung-Bin
  • 19) Kim Hee-Chul
  • 20) Cha Tae-Hyun

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