Jisoo (Black Pink Member) Expected to Engage in Individual activities under ‘Blissoo’

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Jisoo Individual Acticities

Black Pink’s Jisoo Expected to Engage in Individual activities under ‘Blissoo’

Jisoo Individual Acticities
Jisoo Individual Acticities (Jisoo Official Instagram)

Black Pink’s member Jisoo is expected to engage in individual activities under a family management system while holding hands with her older brother.

B.O.M recently garnered attention by announcing the recruitment of career specialists for Blissoo, an expansion concept centered around Ji Soo. They unveiled ambitions to establish an entertainment company, dedicated to hiring professionals with expertise in managing Ji Soo within the K-pop industry.

👉 Jisoo Instagram

After Ji Soo ended her contract with YG Entertainment, she continued her activities through a one-person agency system, operating independently.

While the group renewed their contract with YG Entertainment for Black Pink’s collective activities, no additional contracts were signed for individual pursuits.

Jisoo (Jisoo Official Instagram)

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