Jeon Ji-hyun and Kang Dong-won’s Unprecedented Combination Meet Through “Bukseong”

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Jeon Ji-Hyun and Kang Dong-Won
Jeon Ji-Hyun and Kang Dong-Won
Jeon Ji-Hyun and Kang Dong-Won

Jeon Ji-hyun and Kang Dong-won’s Unprecedented Combination Meet Through “Bukseong”

What is Bukseong?

A highly anticipated collaboration is in the works between actors Jeon Ji-hyun and Kang Dong-won, along with writer Jung Seo-kyung and director Kim Hee-won.

An industry insider revealed on the 28th that Jeon Ji-hyun and Kang Dong-won are expected to star in the upcoming Drama “Bukseong” (working title). “Bukseong” is a spy melodrama being written by Jung Seo-kyung, who previously penned “Little Women.” The story follows spies who have lost their identities and are searching for themselves.

“Bukseong” Information

CastJeon Ji-hyun, Kang Dong-won
WriterJung Seo-kyung
DirectorKim Hee-won

What sets “Bukseong” apart and has garnered much excitement is the meeting of two top actors, Jeon Ji-hyun and Kang Dong-won, in a drama.

Jeon Ji Hyun’s Careers

Both actors have enjoyed successful careers, with Jeon Ji-hyun starring in various top-rated dramas such as “My Love from the Star,” “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” and the “Kingdom” series, as well as in blockbuster movies like “The Thieves,” “Berlin,” and “Assassination.” She has never suffered a single failure in her impressive filmography, and “Bukseong” is expected to further cement her status as a top actor.

Kang Dong Won’s Careers

Kang Dong-won’s casting is unexpected, as it marks his first drama appearance in about 20 years since “Something About 1%” in 2003 and “Magic” in 2004. The actor has been active on the big screen, with notable performances in “Kundo: Age of the Rampant,” “The Duelist,” and “Priest.”

Bukseong Writer & Director

Jung Seo-kyung and Kim Hee-won have previously worked together on “Little Women” and are reuniting for “Bukseong.”

Jung Seo-kyung is known for her unique worldview showcased in works like the drama “Mother” and movies like “The Handmaiden,” “Thirst,” and “Bat.” Her new work has been highly anticipated since the conclusion of “Little Women,” and the expectations are further raised with her reunion with director Kim Hee-won. The director has shown delicate artistic ability in works like “Money Flower” and “The Vincenzo.” The perfect combination of these two recognized by viewers raises interest in what results “Bukseong” will bring.

As soon as the casting is finalized, filming will begin, but the broadcasting platform has yet to be decided. Discussions are currently underway.

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