G-Dragon Announces Plan For Comeback In 2024 (+ Handwritten Letters)

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G-Dragon Announces Plan For Comeback In 2024


G-Dragon has announces plan for comeback in 2024. Additionally, he has uploaded handwritten letters on Instagram.

Here is G-Dragon’s handwritten letters below.

Hello, everyone. I’m Jiyong. While I hoped to meet and communicate with you in person this time, circumstances prevented it. As we welcome the new year, I’ve been considering how to greet everyone with a fresh perspective and convey it effectively.

As some of you may know, I’ve faced challenging times recently, but with the incredible care and support from those around me, I’ve managed to overcome these obstacles. I’m immensely grateful for everyone’s support.

During this period, I’ve been exposed to realities I hadn’t encountered before. Through the news, I learned about the alarming number of drug offenders, especially among teenagers. Shockingly, out of over 20,000 offenders, fewer than 500 receive treatment through available institutions, and even fewer are aware of this tragic fact.

This revelation has compelled me to take action. I am determined to work towards eradicating drugs, especially for vulnerable teenagers unaware of the dangers. I want to ensure that those who lack access to treatment receive the help they desperately need.

Moreover, I aim to stand in solidarity with those who face injustice and vulnerability in society. I want to be there as a brother, mentor, friend, and ally, addressing the systemic issues that perpetuate their suffering.

To commit to these efforts earnestly and continuously, I’ve decided to establish a foundation. Our goal is to support individuals who have endured prejudice and injustice, fostering a society where everyone can lead an equitable, just, and dignified life.

Through music, art, and activities beloved by me and my fans, we aim to address social issues like drugs, inequality, and injustice. Additionally, we’ll provide opportunities for aspiring artists and train future generations to follow this path.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we embark on this journey together.

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