BABYMONSTER reveal “Stuck In The Middle” MV

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BabyMonster MV

Baby Monster “Stuck In The Middle”

Baby Monster-Stuck In The Middle
Baby Monster-Stuck In The Middle

Baby Monster has reveale cvd their new song “Stuck In The Middle“.

On February 1, YG Entertainment’s new female group, ‘Baby Monster,’ debuted with their latest single, ‘Stuck In The Middle.’

The pop ballad, featuring soft tones from the members, swiftly claimed the top spot on the charts in eight countries on the worldwide music platform iTunes following its release.

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This single serves as a preview for Baby Monster’s forthcoming debut mini-album, scheduled for release on April 1. Following this album, the group will expand to seven members with the addition of Ahhyun.

🎶 Stuck In The Middle MV

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