2024 February Korean Movie Star Top 20 RANKINGS!

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Top 20 K-Movie Star 2402

2024 February Korean Movie Star Top 20 RANKINGS!

Top 20 K-Movie Star 2402
Top 20 K-Movie Star 2402

The top 20 Korean Movie Star brand repxutation rankings for February 2024 have been released. Ma Dong Seok, Yim Si Wan, Go Youn Jung, Na Moon hee, and Lee Ha Nee were analyzed in that order, and the brand reputation ranking analysis is the result of big data research. Let’s check out the detailed rankings and indexes below⬇.

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TOP 10 K-Movie Star RANKINGS

① Ma Dong-Seok

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Brand Reputation Index5,621,048
Brand Participtation Index849,576
Communication Index1,781,672
Community Index1,889,079
Media Index1,100,720

② Lim Si Wan

Yim Si-Wan
Yim Si-Wan
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index4,883,853
Brand Participtation Index738,864
Communication Index1,586,461
Community Index1,576,970
Media Index981,558

Go Yoon Jung

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Brand Reputation Index3,812,536
Brand Participtation Index1,161,307
Communication Index826,264
Community Index1,068,935
Media Index756,030

④ Na Moon Hee

Na Moon Hee
Na Moon Hee
Brand Reputation Index3,757,762
Brand Participtation Index732,531
Communication Index717,868
Community Index1,289,702
Media Index1,017,661

⑤ Lee Ha Nee

Lee Ha Nee
Lee Ha Nee
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index3,726,620
Brand Participtation Index1,001,571
Communication Index948,414
Community Index816,942
Media Index959,692

⑥ Lee Byung Hun

👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index3,702,199
Brand Participtation Index357,469
Communication Index1,372,984
Community Index1,042,813
Media Index928,932

⑦ Gong Myung

Gong Myung
Gong Myung
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index3,640,332
Brand Participtation Index463,491
Communication Index1,143,419
Community Index1,410,705
Media Index622,717

⑧ Lee Yi Kyung

Lee Yi Kyung
Lee Yi Kyung
👉 Instagram Here
Brand Reputation Index3,563,530
Brand Participtation Index973,893
Communication Index903,151
Community Index996,736
Media Index689,750

⑨ Park Bo Young

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Brand Reputation Index3,547,517
Brand Participtation Index853,329
Communication Index805,227
Community Index740,478
Media Index1,148,483

⑩ Cho Jeong Seok

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Brand Reputation Index3,547,454
Brand Participtation Index648,089
Communication Index619,429
Community Index1,400,775
Media Index879,161

TOP 11 ~ 20 K-Movie Star RANKINGS

  • 11) Jung Woo Sung
  • 12) Song Ha Yoon
  • 13) Jo Jin Woong
  • 14) Son Suk Ku
  • 15) Yoo Hae Jin
  • 16) Park Seo Joon
  • 17) Yoon Yeo Jung
  • 18) Ra Mi Ran
  • 19) Kim Hye Soo
  • 20) Kim Tae Ri

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